Wastewater Dispersal Systems in Wilmington, NC

Large Wastewater Dispersal Systems

LMG routinely acquires wastewater dispersal permits for large and small surface and subsurface dispersal systems, many systems exceeding one million gallons per day (1 MGD), as permitted by the Division of Water Quality, Aquifer Protection Section and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Health. LMG's clients include municipalities, residential developments and golf courses. LMG performs all aspects of the soils, agronomy, and geologic evaluations required for these projects including, soil fertility studies, nutrient balances, water balances, hydraulic conductivity measurements (saturated and unsaturated zones), and sophisticated computer groundwater modeling with Visual MODFLOW.

Small Subsurface Wastewater Systems

LMG has extensive experience and routinely acquires permits for subsurface wastewater application systems for individual residential and commercial sites as well as large community systems, as permitted through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Onsite Water Protection Section (OWPS). LMG designs individual small wastewater systems ranging from conventional gravel trench systems, approved alternative systems and advanced pretreated innovative systems. LMG collects all necessary site data to aid homeowners and business owners to prepare site plan proposals in order to meet their goals and obtain permits for individual projects. LMG specializes on tough sites where special site evaluation testing is required to be preformed by a NC Licensed Soil Scientist; site testing such as detailed soil descriptions, long term groundwater monitoring and modeling, calculating drainage effects from altered sites utilizing subsurface infiltration testing and complex modeling programs (ex. DRAINMOD and CSU Mounding Analysis) required by DHHS OWPS.

LMG is able to assist engineers design small subsurface waste water systems under the Engineered Option Permit System for both North and South Carolina through soil data collection and compilation of technical reports.