CAMA Permitting in Wilmington, NC

Projects requiring CAMA permitting include marinas, private piers, bulkheads, boat ramps, dredging, and beach re-nourishment. CAMA Permit applications are reviewed by a host of state and federal agencies. LMG works with the applicant upfront during the planning process to avoid and minimize a project's environmental impacts and to formulate mitigative measures acceptable to review agencies. As part of the permitting process, LMG staff assembles information on area resources, various habitats, and project alternatives to assist clients in achieving their goals within the scope of regulatory limitations. In addition, LMG staff work closely with other members of project development teams that can include land planners, engineers, and surveyors. Certain proposed projects can also require the preparation of Environmental Assessments or Environmental Impact Statements as required SEPA and NEPA documentation. These documents detail potential impacts to a wide range of environmental concerns including 404 and coastal wetlands, water quality, fisheries, cultural resources, endangered species and many others. LMG routinely prepares these environmental documents incorporating a wide range of investigations necessary to evaluate the significance of any project impacts to the various facets of the environment.