At LMG, safety is a core value.  Our dedication to safety emphasizes the fundamental respect we have for our employees, clients, the public, and the environment.  As such, we kick off each week with a Monday morning safety meeting.  We take this time to address potential hazards associated with upcoming work and review any close calls that may have occurred during the prior week.

Like our parent company, Davey Tree Expert Company, LMG is ‘on the road to 0.’  This means we work daily to perform tasks safely, implement best practices, and conduct training and compliance monitoring to ensure that all our employees reach their homes and families safely in the evening.
As we operate in a vast array environments, it is even more important for all members of LMG to be active participants of the safety team, and we are each responsible for improving safety conditions by reporting hazards, enforcing safety policies, and supporting fellow employee engagement.  

As always at LMG, we are committed to assisting landowners utilize their land to its highest potential while performing our tasks in a safe and professional manner. Call or click to speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals today! 
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