Corey Novak - Professional Wetland Scientist

Congratulations to one of our Environmental Scientist and Project Managers, Corey Novak, for obtaining the  Professional Wetland Scientist  certification!

The Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) certification was developed by the Society of Wetland Scientists to further scientific and educational objectives related to wetland science.  Strengthening and encouraging professional standards are included in these objectives.  The program is aimed at serving the public’s need to identify qualified persons who assess and manage the nation’s wetland resources.

While the certification is not required to perform wetlands research, it is a peer-reviewed and recognized method to develop higher standards, accountability, and respect within the discipline.  Requirements of the certification include the completion of a BS or BA, with 15 hours in both biological and physical sciences (6 hours in quantitative areas), and an additional 15 hours in wetland-related courses.  The applicant is also expected to have at least 5 years of experience as a wetland scientist, demonstrating the application of technical knowledge dealing with wetland resources and activities.

Our boy Corey has gone above and beyond the minimal requirements of a PWS license, and currently holds a BA in Psychology, an MS in Biology, and 18 years of experience ‘playing in wetlands’ which entails a myriad of accreditations and accomplishments.  Congratulations again to Corey, the self-described Psychobiologist, on achieving his Professional Wetland Scientist certification!

Yet again, the staff of LMG exemplifies our overall dedication to advance the field of environmental science through training and education.  As always at LMG, we are committed to assisting landowners utilize their land to its highest potential. Call or click to speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals today!  
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